There is a Better Way.

LWF Consulting was founded on the idea that there is a better way to understanding and embracing the changes that HR technology is bringing to the workplace. There is a better way to utilize HR technology to support your employees, strategic initiatives and overall evolution of your organization. Simply, LWF’s HR technology consulting services support you in finding a better way.



The HR technology landscape is changing rapidly. Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms are offering HR professionals daily efficiencies that allow them to evolve from administrative task masters to truly collaborative strategists. 

We offer a full-range of functional and technical expertise to help guide, support and manage your relationship with HR technology providers. Learn More →



Leveraging technology in your portfolio can be a powerful tool for growth. Administration of the new technologies increases complexity and challenges to operations while offering real and tangible results for your clients.

LWF Consulting provides services that will support you in balancing technology and the benefits side of your portfolio with confidence. Learn More → 


LWF Consulting is an adept and agile consulting practice with services to pinpoint your timeframe, budget, and expectation.

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